About Us

Small is the New Big is the brain child of both Ian Ugarte and Christine Manning who, from humble beginnings turned their negative $37K property portfolio into one that enabled them to leave paid employment over a short one year period.

Over the last few years they’ve been working on putting together their High Income Real Estate System (HI-RES) program that includes their secrets and helps people maximise their financial potential while actively participating and working with governments to bring about affordable housing for everyday Australians.

They are Entrepreneurs bringing about both personal and social change.

Small is the New Big is the platform for that change.

About Ian
Ian Ugarte is a full time property investor, consultant and real estate advisor. He is also Australia’s leading micro apartment, rooming house and boarding house specialist.

Ian has spoken to over 50,000 people over the past 5 years in the property development, micro apartment and personal development fields whilst also being a private mentor and coach where he is known for his personal style of challenging peoples’ thought processes and perceptions.

Ian started his working career in a family owned business. Since then he has completed multiple academic qualifications including a Bachelor of Adult Education.

Ian’s passion is as a Professional speaker and MC, and he is renowned for his humorous and emotional style, which creates a contrast that, keeps the audience engaged and interested. Ian is extremely adaptable and handles changes in the program professionally and calmly from stage and creates the illusion that it is all part of the schedule. The people that work alongside Ian describe him as
“…. hardworking, energetic, humble and works well
within a team; especially at multi speaker events……”

He is a critical thinker with 7 worldwide patents on sustainability and wastewater treatment and sits on the Board of the Future Housing Taskforce where he is helping to decrease the cost of housing and the mounting government pressure on the housing shortage. He is working to decrease building footprints, increase building density, whilst increasing investor returns and creating sustainable and practical solutions to affordable housing. It is a win-win for governments, consumers and investors.

Having started 22 businesses over the past 21 years, with his entrepreneurial innovation and business skill sets, his passion to see others succeed is what drives him most.

About Christine
Christine started her working career as a trainee accountant. Since then she has completed multiple academic qualifications ranging from accounting to natural therapies. Her latest studies have resulted in her attaining the internationally recognised qualification as an Associate Certified Meta Coach.

Christine currently works in her own business with her husband Ian Ugarte, working on building and maintaining their own property portfolio and managing a small staff base of 3 people. She is involved in creating and developing their online learning system for affordable housing.

Christine also uses her coaching qualifications to coach her personal clients in their property, wealth, health and spiritual goals.

Christine, coming from an accounting background, utilizes these skills with students – in the past with a private mentoring group called Fast Profits Mastermind and then Momentum Mastermind. Ian and Christine guided over 500 students over 5 years with their property and personal goals.

Christine’s interests are natural therapies, permaculture, organic gardening, healthy eating and living and looking after their 4 daughters. These interests have resulted in Christine achieving Certificates in such areas as Permaculture Design, Iridology, Massage, Aromatherapy, Reflexology and has an immense knowledge of what it takes to live a healthy and happy life.