Building a Tiny

Can you build a tiny house in a short timeframe and under $30K? Hell Yes! See our progress below!

How to avoid the most common pitfalls entrepreneurs make

Ian and Christine feature in this SMH article discussing Michelle Duval from Fingerprint for Success study on entrepreneur behaviours. “What sets successful entrepreneurs apart from the failures has been gnawed at for decades. Now a new study has pinpointed the reasons why some boom and others bomb.” Read More

Future Housing Taskforce

Ian is a board member of the Future Housing Taskforce. The Future Housing Taskforce was set up to counter the rise of unaffordable housing in Australia. To find out more about what Ian and the team are doing drive change in Australia list the site.


Living on the Hawkesbury River outside of Sydney for 10 years, Ian Ugarte and his partner Christine Manning had seen a countless number of poorly designed houseboats drive past their home. In late 2002, after seeing a houseboat with a Bali style hut sitting on top, Ian had simply seen enough. Ian then contacted his long time friend Chris Kopsiaftis …