HI-RES Program

$4,995.00 $3,995.00

The High Income Real Estate System program is the brain child of Ian Ugarte and Christine Manning, who from humble beginnings turned their property portfolio from negative $36,000 to leaving paid employment within 13 months and they have continued to grow their income. They have spent the last 3 years working on and developing the Hi-Res Cash Flow System.

After much testing and coaching and working with of a handful of early adopters this system is finally being released to the public.


View the below webinar for a full overview of the HI RES program. 

    What you’ll learn from this program. 

  • How this new trend in real estate is creating massive cash flow positive opportunities for those that know what they are doing.
  • How to get 2x 4x 6x your current passive income or more.
  • What style of property best suit the high-income solution system.
  • How to go from $4200 to 35k cashflow with a 250k property – that’s a yield of 13.9%
  • Why this strategy is very low risk but very high return (if you know the rules).
  • How to get started no matter where you are starting from… Regardless of whether you have tonnes of equity or none at all.
  • Why you don’t have to wait 20 years to replace your income but become free with just one or two deals.
  • How this strategy works in regional and metro properties as well so you can get these crazy yields and get the capital growth as well!
  • How the high-income real estate system could be the fastest way to replace your 9-5 job.
  • Plus much much more…

Why You Need To Be Across This Strategy

  • This trend growing fast and is only going to get bigger.
  • Right now you can get the first mover advantage.
  • It’s low risk but very high returns making it a more effective place to invest your money.
  • Dramatically increase your returns on your next investment making it hugely cash-flow positive.
  • Get high returns and capital growth, works in regional and metro areas.
  • Is highly scalable.
  • Councils are aware and encouraging of this strategy.
  • The potential market for this strategy is growing every day.

Case Study #1:
Normal, Run-Of-The-Mill-Property VS The High Income System Way

That’s a Cash-Flow Lift From a Yield Of 1.8% To 13.9% (AVERAGE!)

Using the Hi-Res system these students were able to grow their cash flow from $4,200 a year to a massive $35,200 a year from a 250k property. (Based on a 80% LVR that’s a 32k pa income from a 50k investment.)

Case Study #2
No Money To Get Started?

Don’t worry, the High Res Income System will solve that too.

This student was able to get this property on a vendor finance deal and using a different Hi-Res strategy was able to secure $27k passive income… investing only a little time and a few grand for some changes to the property.

Case Study #3:
From A Negative $7,200 Cash Flow To $40,000 Positive With The Hi-Res Income Solution

NOTE: The two properties you’ve just seen were both regional, and you might be thinking that the Hi-Res System only works with low-cost properties in regional areas… Not True!…Let me show you this:

This is a deal we put together in Brisbane.

If we’d just bought the house and rented it out we would have got $350 a week for it and been $7500 negative cashflow.

If we’d developed and split the block, put two townhouses on there, we would have been better of equity wise… but still $7200 in the hole. Our income would have been $62,400 (see below) but the costs would have been $69k a year.

BUT – Using my Hi-Res system and building micro apartments there is over $40,000 cashflow on this property.