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Are you in an investor, looking for investments with high demand and high yield, while also helping to ease the housing affordability crisis?

The Small is the New Big formula called HI RES, teaches investors how to turn a healthy profit by investing in one of the most overlooked segments of the market - affordable housing.

This market is very appealing to investors, once they understand it”, said Ian Ugarte. “My students and I are achieving rental yields of up to 10%, 12% and more. Those results are unheard-of in residential property, other than very high-risk investments, such as remote mining towns.”

Properties can often be converted to micro-apartments for as little as $10,000 to $30,000, and this can turn a negatively geared property into one that generates $10,000 or $20,000 of net profit per year.

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We can then teach you our strategy for how to invest for high yields, via webinars and events.

The HI RES strategies we teach suit investors who:

  • have an existing property suitable for conversion already in their portfolio; or
  • are looking to purchase their next property and want to earn a high rental income from it; or
  • want to get started with their first investment, and need a way to quickly accumulate the necessary deposit; or
  • want an investing plan that will create income as quickly as possible and provide the option of leaving their job if they wish.

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Real People, Real Results

 Melissa Fisher 

I have had Ian and Christine as mentors for around 2.5 years. Between the two of them they are a wealth of knowledge, and absolutely love to share what they have researched, learned and experienced themselves.

They both become a part of your team moving forward, and put their all into what they offer as mentors and leaders in their field. Their concept of the HI-RES program is brilliant, a very impressive program with win win results, again a direct result of the belief and dedication they have.

Gloria Aslan

Since joining Ian and Christine’s first work shop we have rocketed ahead with confidence and the belief that we could do it and we have. We bought our first high yielding investment property in October, and only 2 months later and have exceeded our own expectations. They are a wealth of knowledge and we are very lucky to have had the chance of being their students.