Our Mission

To provide the one million homes short in Australia in the next 10 years to help Struggling Australians to pay their bills instead of soaring rents – with the support of forward-thinking investors like you.

Why it Matters

Sadly, Australia is now the most unaffordable housing market in the world and according to data from the 2016 Census, 1.55 million Australians are currently dealing with housing stress. 

That’s right, over the past decade there’s been more than a 100% increase in single adults occupying public housing (54% in 2016, compared with only 21% in 2005) and… 


The Number of Women Over 50 Who Find Themselves Homeless, Resorting to Living in Cars or Couchsurfing, Has Doubled

Yes, there are mothers who have supported their families all their lives, divorced and find themselves without a home. What’s more, there are 70-year old’s everywhere living on less than $399 a week, yet the cheapest rent they can find is $300 (forcing them to live on $14 a day). Just take a look at this map:

That’s why we need your help: we are 1 million self contained homes short in the next 10 years.

How Does It Work?

Educate investors to create affordable housing

Create 1 million affordable homes around Australia

Break the cycle of struggle and build a brighter future

The good news is it’s a win/win, nobody loses with what we do, because by building these affordable homes, you’ll collect double the income and be helping to build genuine community.

Yes, not only will you be helping others go from despair, insecurity and fear to hope, confidence, certainty and genuine connection… you’ll be doing the same for yourself because this approach is better for everyone.

Don't Fall into the
Trap of Negative Gearing

Here's Why... Our Story

Christine and I began investing in properties based on the ‘delayed gratification’

philosophy of ‘lose money now, so you can make money later.’ 

A few years later we found ourselves with 7 properties that cost $36,000.00 a year to hold (a third of our young family’s gross income) and feeling like a slave to the banks, working long hours and living a miserable life.

I woke one morning with the set plan of committing to suicide and thanks to my wife Christine, my coach, family and support network, I kept going to dig myself out of the black hole.

Following this, I had to offload everything in a fire sale that cost $300,000 in just a few weeks.

Then we started over and just 13 months later, when I turned 36, I had enough money to leave my job, and no longer needed a wage anymore.

Both investors and renters are feeling despair, insecurity and fear from an old, outdated approach to property investing that keeps them stuck, in debt and slaves to their mortgages. There is a better way that gives freedom, choice and confidence.


Christine and I Are Passionate About Giving Australian’s Back Their Freedom - Here’s My Pledge to You

I have sworn before I die that I am going to help as many Australians get out of struggle as I possibly can – including both renters and investors.

That may mean you, your mum or someone you know. I hope you will “sense” how sincere I am about this, and be motivated by my vision, passion and personal story to attend one of my Live or online events, even if you don’t normally do this type of thing.

When you join our community, read the materials and attend an event, I know if you are working hard and struggling to make ends meet now, you WILL “see the light” at the end of the tunnel, and help both yourself and others live better, happier, more abundant lives as a result. One of the most common comments in all the notes I receive from people is: “I considered not looking into this further, but I’m so glad I did. It’s my hope for you to feel the same way.

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