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The ‘Great Australian Dream’ Needs to Change

One of the things that sadden me the most is that people can’t let go of worn-out ideas when it comes to the Australian way of life. More specifically, there’s still an obsession over unnecessarily huge houses, despite a ton of proof showing that this doesn’t work anymore. When you think of a boarding house,

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How I Escaped the Negative Gearing Trap

Financially conscious people know how important it is to save for the future. Ever since I was a boy, my parents taught me that this is something I should always keep in mind. So I did. Using what sounded to me to be a good long-term strategy, I started investing in property. My wife Christine

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How My System Made a $150,000 Difference in a Property’s Value

In today’s property market, affordable housing is the name of the game. No doubt about that. Not only can it generate an additional $300-$900 per week per property, but it also helps those in need of a place to stay. What’s more, it can boost a property’s value more than most other strategies. For instance,

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Why You Need a Clear Mission Statement

Have you ever thought about your life’s purpose? For many people, it’s harder to define than they might think. One could perhaps attribute this to their inability to look at the big picture. Instead, they focus on their own needs, as well as the needs of a small circle of people in their life. As

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Three Areas and Three Strategies

How would you rate your focus on certain aspects of your life? Be it your job, family, friendship, or anything else, how much effort do you put into it? More importantly, do you know how to prioritise and fully commit to something? If not, you’ll want to learn how to do this as soon as

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How the 60/30 Model Creates a Win-Win Situation for Everyone

How much space do you need to live comfortably? If you ask the average Australian this question, they’ll likely give you the wrong answer.  Why? Because we’ve gotten used to living in huge homes. We have some of the biggest houses in the world, many of which remain largely unoccupied. Millions of rooms just sit

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Never Invest In Property before Investing In Your Education

Property investing is way harder than it appears on paper. It’ll take a lot more than just buying a good property to really make it as a property investor. Losses are inevitable. But you’ll need to score many wins throughout your career and limit the extent of your losses. I know this because I’ve been

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The 3 Things We Need to Make Housing Affordable

By now, everyone who follows what we do knows that our biggest goal is to make housing affordable. I believe that this is one of Australia’s most pressing issues as it’s a source of other problems in our society. From housing stress to white-collar homelessness, home prices are killing people’s chances of leading a comfortable

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How We Can Fix the Market Together

Ever since I started Small Is the New Big, I’ve been passionate about fixing our housing market. I’ve helped hundreds of investors break free from the norm and take a different approach to their endeavours. An approach that actually works, that is. Every morning, I wake up knowing that what we do is going to

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Free Report Reveals: The ‘Red Carpet’ Invitation To Property Investors From Government…