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How We Can Fix the Market Together

Ever since I started Small Is the New Big, I’ve been passionate about fixing our housing market. I’ve helped hundreds of investors break free from the norm and take a different approach to their endeavours. An approach that actually works, that is. Every morning, I wake up knowing that what we do is going to

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How Property Investment Helped Kathy Stay Out of Paid Employment

Property investment is a great way for many people to gain more financial independence. Even better, the right strategy can help others solve one of the most important issues – finding a good place to live. Kathy managed to do both. She and her partner started the HI-RES program hoping to find a better way

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Why You Should Become a Rentrepreneur

The past decades of activity in our property market sends a wrong message to newbie investors. You’ve probably seen people build these enormous homes that cost a ton of money. Naturally, you might think that this is the only way to get in the game. But there are many reasons why this isn’t true. First

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When It Comes to Compliance, Ignorance Isn’t Bliss

Investing in property is generally very exciting. You look for the perfect place, redesign and renovate it, and connect with people who are looking to be your tenants. It can be a ton of fun. Moreover, it can let you afford a new lifestyle, which is certainly a nice bonus. But there’s one thing about

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How Sanjeev Doubled His Rental Income with the HI-RES Program

If you’ve read any of my previous blogs, you know how important it is to switch to a strategy that’s based on affordable housing. The benefits extend far beyond just the financials, as you’ll be helping our housing market to get back on track. Since the introduction of the HI-RES program, I’ve seen many investors

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The First Rule of Investing (Hint: It’s not to Invest for a Loss)

People think the definition of investing is making a sacrifice today to gain something tomorrow. However, some people seem to forget the part about “gain”. Making money out of negative gearing is like taking out a personal loan at 6% interest and sticking it in the bank at 2.5% with the hope that it will

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The 3 Causes Behind the Housing Affordability Crisis

The Australian housing market has reached a point where first-home buyers can’t afford to buy and live in their ideal homes. And I’m not talking about anything extravagant. They have to settle for much less even when there are 12 million empty bedrooms just sitting there empty. How did we get here? Why is everything

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Negative Gearing is Doomed, New Trend Changes Everything

I offloaded 7 negatively geared investment properties in a “fire sale” that cost $300,000.00, before changing my course and leaving paid employment within 13 months. Find out how I cracked the code. In today’s market, the expected rental yield on a negatively geared investment property is about 4.5 to 5%, however I have tapped into

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Free Report Reveals: The ‘Red Carpet’ Invitation To Property Investors From Government…

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