Why You Need a Clear Mission Statement

Have you ever thought about your life’s purpose? For many people, it’s harder to define than they might think. One could perhaps attribute this to their inability to look at the big picture.
Instead, they focus on their own needs, as well as the needs of a small circle of people in their life. As a result, they don’t have a mission. They have tasks and goals, but they don’t know what they ultimately want to achieve.
Many people will tell you that their mission is to get rich. They think that making a ton of money will make them happy. Maybe you’re one of them?
Let me tell you something from my personal experience – it won’t. It might make life easier, but it won’t create genuine happiness.
I arrived at this when I started making a lot of money. Despite being able to afford everything I needed, I was not only unhappy but full-on suicidal. It was clear to me that no amount of wealth would get me out of this dreadful period.
It wasn’t until I figured out my mission that things started to change. I didn’t just want to be an investor. I wanted my work to influence people way beyond my social circle. I wanted those whom I’ll likely never meet to benefit from my mission.
My investment career is a vessel for this mission. I want to change the way people live for the better by bringing affordable housing back. For too long, Australians have had to shoulder astronomical housing prices. As a result, hundreds of thousands of our countrymen won’t have a place to sleep tonight.
And I’m not talking about the unemployed. On the contrary, there are far too many people who can hold down a stable job but can’t afford a home.
I can change this by building one million self contained homes by December 2027. And that’s my mission statement.
Except this is not doable by one person. I will have to invite you and other like-minded people to join me on this mission Sign up for my live event to see how we can fix Australia’s pressing housing issue together.

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