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Momentum Property is a boutique development agency at the forefront of affordable housing concepts in Australia. Focus is on the sale, purchase, rental and management of single room rental, dual key designs, share housing and the development of multi-functional living in Houses of Multiple Occupation (HMO).

Educational Events

What if you could follow a formula to replicate the strategies, processes and tools of the successful property entrepreneurs leading this method to produce the same results, but with better outcomes, would you do it? Also get a chance to have Ian and Christine to personally coach and mentor you while you accelerate your real estate goals. Check the links on the menu above this site.


One of the key aspects of the HI-Res (High Income Realestate System) program is understanding how to maximise the potential of your property implementing smart design featuring adaptable floor plans and furniture.


Ian and Christine enjoy and are passionate about sharing their knowledge and showing people how to use the HI RES property investing strategy. Discover their secrets and learn more through their webinars and live events through the links on the menu above this site.


Ian Ugarte is passionate about creating and being part of real personal development and social change through creating educational courses that help people break into the property market and create affordable housing, multigenerational living and community ties. He also works with various government agencies working together to bring about real change.


Architecturally designed, each Arkiboat Houseboat is a creation of each owners imagination. All we provide you with are some guidelines and basic designs, and you the customer create the rest to suit your needs, tastes and desires.