Double Your Rental Income from Almost Any House

The Property On The Left Picks Up $1,500 In Weekly Rental Income... Whereas The One On The Right Is Stuck At Just $600. Can You Guess Why?

Both are of comparable size and design, both have 5 bedrooms, and they’re in the same ordinary, everyday suburb… so what makes the difference?
And how can you use the same strategy to double your cashflow returns and potentially replace your income in as little as 13 months, while transforming lives?
Ian Ugarte, arms crossed

When a father is told negative gearing is the answer, to “lose money now, so you can make money later” and to “delay gratification” only to find himself investing in 7 properties that cost $36,000 to hold (a third of his young family’s gross income) and feeling like a slave to the banks, working long hours and living a miserable life – it hurts deeply.

Especially when you have to offload everything in a fire sale that cost $300,000 in just a few weeks.
But when a father then starts over and just 13 months later, at age 36, has enough money to leave his job, and no longer needs a wage anymore… then sparks really fly.
For the past 7 years, Ian Ugarte has been following this approach to property investing that produces high rental incomes now, not decades into the future.
But as the author of the new book, ‘Small is the New Big’ with his wife Christine – now he has a greater mission: to help over 1 million Australians struggling to pay their bills due to soaring rental prices, and actively contribute to build better communities.
This is the goal of this event. “The goal was too important to leave to someone else” Mr. Ugarte says. “I couldn’t rest until I did it myself.”

Debra and Jamie thought it sounded impossible.

With a desire to not only be in a position where Debra could quit her job, but also help build a better community and make a difference in the world, it was everything they were looking for.

They had a block in Brisbane and wanted to build on it, but the market conditions meant a traditional negatively geared property would set them back $15,000 a year.

Instead, they followed the unique process you’re about to discover and achieved a $35,000 positive cashflow per annum.

No, that’s not a misprint. They added almost $700 a week to their income, instead of losing $300.

That’s a $1,000 a week difference… the equivalent of slogging it out at a job paying $50,000 a year, but instead earning it passively – while barely lifting a finger.

What’s more, they slept soundly at night because…

They Were Able to Provide Affordable Housing for People Who Desperately Needed It

Perhaps most importantly, they were able to stick to their values of family, integrity and empathy… and start their marriage off on a solid financial ground.

I want to show you how to do the same, so instead of waiting 10 years, scrimping and saving, and depriving your family of every little luxury with 4.5% or 5% rental yields…

You can get 10% or 12% yields instead of constantly paying out money, and earn passive income from day one.

And because the returns are ridiculously high, the capital gains are exceptional too. For instance…

A Recent Property Received an Offer for $930,000, Whereas a Similar House Next Door Sold for Just $780,000

And this was a real sales contract, which was knocked back because the cashflow was so solid my client wanted more.

Imagine how that could transform your life. You could potentially change everything and replace the income from your job with just a couple of investments.

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