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"Having the opportunity to give people somewhere safe, somewhere clean and somewhere they can call home is really important. Together if we do a little something it becomes a really big something".

HI RES Student Results

Jon: "I took a house that I was getting $530 a week and it is now netting $900 a week".

David: "I like being able to build an income ongoing that's a higher than normal residential investment property". I like that it gives great returns".

Jeelan & Cindy: "We built a granny flat in Sydney, market rent has gone from around $380-400 now we are renting it for up to $800". 

Mark: "It's not just about property investments it's about trying to help the community. "We have bought 3 to 4 houses we are currently renovating, which will end up cashflow positive".

Lynette: "The bootcamps are great, you get to meet like-minded people interested in HIGH RES properties ".

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HI RES TEAM Case Studies

HI RES Testimonials

 Melissa Fisher 

I have had Ian and Christine as mentors for around 2.5 years. Between the two of them they are a wealth of knowledge, and absolutely love to share what they have researched, leaned and experienced themselves.

They both have so much passion for what they are doing and show continual growth themselves, the more they grow the more they give, this is certainly reflected in the experiences I have had with them on various projects and personal development.

They are never ending support, they don’t do your work for you nor tell you if you should or shouldn’t undertake a project, they do offer the support, teams of professionals to work with, experience, concepts to consider, rules and regulations that need to be met or at least considered. They do have answers and ideas to overcome issues that arise.

They both become a part of your team moving forward, and put their all into what they offer as a mentor and leader in their field. Their concept of the HI-Res program is brilliant, a very impressive program with win win results, again a direct result of the belief and dedication they have.

They do have the passion for industry changes, growth and progression and I am grateful to be able to share in this and have both of them as mentors and friends.

Gloria Aslan

Since joining Ian and Christine’s first work shop we have rocketed ahead with confidence and the belief that we could do it and we have. We bought our first high yielding investment property in October, and only 2 months later and have exceeded our own expectations. They are a wealth of knowledge and we are very lucky to have had the chance of being their students.

Josh and Kara Collins

Since joining the HIRES program in August 2016 we have completely changed our lives around! By September we had our first property sorted then mid September were onto the second and early 2017 our third. We are beyond grateful for the HIRES program and both Ian & Christine really are amazing people who will go the extra mile for everyone. We never would have thought we would be in the position we are in today only a few months ago and are excited to continue on our journey. We are not in big metro areas, we are in a Regional area that is really struggling however we have been able to shine! The whole of Australia is covered by the course not just aimed at the Sydney & Melbourne markets like most assume. We have freedom, we have options, we have more time together as a family, That is absolutely priceless!

Chris and Danielle

​Ian and Christine’s HI RES program is the next big thing for property investors!

It identifies a multitude of strong positive cashflow opportunities of which some are no money down and you don’t even have to own the property. So it’s great for investors starting from a lean financial position. Though its not all about cashflow. Ian has assisted us with a project that has incredibly strong cashflow and equity uplift in the same deal and these are the type of deals that will fast track your property investing career and set you up for life! They are also the type of properties that are recession proof with affordable rents, strong demand and high net yields therefore making it one of the safest investments I see for the near future.

The content of the course is extensive and it covers off on rules and regulations across the whole country. So no matter where you are based or where you plan to invest there are options and information to guide you through the process to success! I was extremely impressed with the level of detail in the course as I am a builder with a fair understanding of NSW State planning policies and just that alone is a lot of information to digest so I can only imaging the amount of reading and research that has gone into preparing the course material in the bootcamps, printouts and website.

The support from Ian, Christine has been amazing and we are so excited to be part of this movement.

Thank you Ian and Christine for your support and opening our eyes to such an amazing opportunity!

Corina Sell


I then followed them into the Hi Res program to chase the incredibly high returns of HMOs and multi lease properties. The work that has been put into delivering both the live bootcamps and the easy to follow online content is incredible. Their knowledge of the industry is second to none.

I took on Ian and Christine’s Coaching program for 12 months wanting to kick start my investing with the safety of working with someone who’s done it before. I walked out with an incredible new skill set having learned not just the numbers for feasos but the ability to look at any deal from a creative viewpoint, stacking strategies and focusing on win win scenarios for all parties involved.

What touched and inspired me however is getting to be on the forefront of this incredible movement, positively impacting communities and what “affordable housing” actually means and looks like. Ian and Christine’s enthusiasm and commitment is contagious- It was only natural that within a few months of taking their program I’d replaced my income through one of their strategies and left work to focus on this full time.

Mark Dzidowski

​You will not find many reviews or testimonial by me on the internet, simply because it takes a great deal to compel me to do so. I’m not really anyone special, I’m just a bloke with old school morals, one of which is that my word is my bond and bull$hitting people is not my style.

So saying this here is what I think of Ian’s HI Res program.

The good.
I’m my humble opinion it is one of the best structured programs I have ever purchased or for that matter seen. I have taken a significant part in taking an engineering though and ISO9000 process, and the HI RES website structure, in my opinion, is very similar to this, i.e. a very detailed and well outlined process.
The HI RES website is structure gives you a top level, overall flow, of the process in a simple flow chart diagram form. And you can access more detail at relevant stages of that process by clicking on that section which opens up further detail. BRILLIANT!

Another big plus is the level of commitment that Christine and Ian go to answering questions on the private Facebook page. I’m not sure how they find the time; I don’t think I have seen a question unanswered. To have both Ian and Christine so vigilant and accessible is amazing.

The “bad”.
OK, Be prepared for some “Hot Chilly” if you ask some really open ended questions. Be specific.

If you think this is a get rich quick scheme, good luck! This process is different to a standard passive investment strategy. It is thinking out of the box, and not everyone is open to the ideas that you will learn in this programme. It’s certainly all legal, both Christine and Ian both reiterate this point all the time. It’s what we could call a disruptive idea, in a way where Uber changed the Taxi industry and Air BNB changed the accommodation industry. Your chance to get on board early is right now. Be prepared for some challenges.

The disclaimer.
My personal HI RES projects have been rather limited to granny flats and complying development. Saying that, I have acquired stills and advice from this course that have made complying developments a much easier task, even though I was facing a lot of negative attitudes towards my project due to my properties and council limitations. I would like to further add, that I have close personal friends that are actively taking advantage of the opportunities presented to them in the HI RES course, hence I can stand by my word and recommend this course to anyone who is looking for a great investment strategy, since I have seen the results first hand.

The Happy Ending.
I would like to Thank Christine and Ian for putting together a great source of education and for their passion and involvement in helping their students achieve great financial benefit. The information I have gained during their course has allowed me to steer my financial situation to a position where I was able to leave a job with an abusive employer. I am now free to work on my own projects and businesses. Furthermore I now have time to give back to my local community, predominantly working with men’s mental health, which I have been actively participating in for a number of weeks now. It is an amazing feeling of having control of your life where you can freely choose to do things you really want to do.

Thank you Christine and Ian for my new found freedom

Greg & Karen Kings

We meet Ian and Christen 2.75 years ago. It has truly been a privilege to meet a man with such great passion for what he does and has an even “bigger heart”. The way Ian presents and teaches is something special as his true feelings are easily seen, along with his extreme wealth of knowledge he has to share with others, whether it is regarding real estate or life.

Ian ‘s passion spills over very quickly along with some emotion at times, that is why it shows to everyone just what passion he has when teaching and sharing with others. We have so very much admiration for him and are extremely privilege to have such a close working relationship and friendship.

Joining Platinum in December 2014 took us on a journey that we found an alliance with both Ian and Christine. We really were inspired with Ian’s vision for the Smaller Home Concepts and realise very quickly that his reasons for working on this, was for returning peoples dignity by helping to provide affordable accommodation for others. We would never have thought of these concepts that we now have today. We are grateful Ian and Christine are willing to share their knowledge and help others, so that we are able to help others, which allows us to follow our dreams.

The passion and excitement that both Ian and Christine have given us with Ian’s visions, has allowed me (Greg) to follow my passion in property and to begin living a lifestyle that we had only ever dreamed about. When you love what you do people are drawn into this atmosphere, this is why we and many others including our kids, adopted kids, family and friends who have joined the journey, are in such a wonderful place today because of Ian ‘s passion, knowledge and willingness to share, which is so inspirational.

We joined HI RES in June 2016 to further our knowledge in addition to what Ian has shared over the last 2.75 years. We‘re thankful for all that Ian and Christine have done and continue to do and now with the HI RES program.

It has been amazing period and we look forward to continuing the journey ahead with Ian and Christine. They’re both very special and inspirational, we love them both to bits.

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