I took on Ian and Christine’s Coaching program for 12 months wanting to kick start my investing with the safety of working with someone who’s done it before. I walked out with an incredible new skill set having learned not just the numbers for feasos but the ability to look at any deal from a creative viewpoint, stacking strategies and focusing on win win scenarios for all parties involved.

Student -NSW

The education we have received has honestly been life changing for our family. We have learnt and grown so much since joining the program. We have freedom now to make amazing choices, we have time, we have a quality family life and work balance and we just continue to learn and grow. It has allowed myself to leave full time employment, it has allowed my husband to work 4 days a week instead of his FIFO roster of 28 days on and 6 off! We are so grateful to the HIRES team!

Student -QLD

I didn’t really know what to expect coming into this weekend so I came into it with an open mind. It was great to see Ian & Christine working through the student’s live deals and I enjoyed the section on JV’s and the pitfalls of them, I am a big fan of making people aware of what can go wrong as well as what can go right in a deal … An awesome weekend though and I had some great fun!

Student -WA

Small is the new big is a great program and has so many options whether you are chasing cashflow or cash. I have done a lot of programs and believe it is the best bang for buck. I have done three deals so far using this system in a 4 month period and already seeing great results.

Student -NSW

I started investing in real estate 3 years ago … (and) my goal was to have $100K passive income … Just 2.5 years after joining HI-RES we will have 90K+ passive income coming. I don’t know about others. but 90K+ passive income with just 4 houses and in 2.5 years, I had never thought or dreamt of that replacing income would be so easy using HI-RES… Thank you, Ian Ugarte, for letting me part of your vision, for having me as your student, part of your community and changing me and my family life forever!! Love you guys!!

Student -NSW

Small is the new big is a loving community where you can seek and offer the help in all the aspects. Sean and I have found the better purposes in the life, wealth, health , love and education. Since we joined in this community, we’ve found our family has been ever so driven towards our goals, I’ve learnt the industrial knowledge and built up the connections within the group, with all the people we know that have the same goals, I feel well supported. Small is the new big is not just about a group of the people who try to make money but also we love to help others to create the better life they deserve.

Student -QLD

Yvonne and I joined at the end of October last year … We appreciate having the training information available together with the support from the Facebook page and the contact with other members. Last weekend we attended the Brisbane Boot Camp and found it to be very beneficial and informative. Ian has promptly provided expert support to us wherever required. Currently, we are considering how we can improve cash flow for our investment house at Highgate Hill in Brisbane. We still have a long way to go and look forward to receiving further assistance from HI-RES.’

Student -QLD

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