I started investing in Realestate since last 3 years and on the way took Ian Ugarte HiRes course which was 1.5 years ago ( towards end of year 2016), that time my goal was to have 100K passive income coming through my property portfolio in next 4-5 years, but now its been just 1.5 years and we are already looking at passive income of 50K with just 2 houses, and with another 3rd house which is about to finish in next 2 months where we expecting another 20K+ income and then another 4th house which is we are going to build soon and would finish early next year (2019) where we expecting another minimum 20K. Means in just 2.5 years after joining HiRes we will have 90K+ passive income coming, I don’t know about others but 90K+ passive income with just 4 houses and in 2.5 years, I had never thought or dreamt of that replacing income would be so easy using HiRes, even though I was determined to pay the price, work hard and do whatever it takes to achieve my goal. After taking the course HiRes gave me all the tools, team, support, motivation to achieve my goal other than just one thing, which was taking action on behalf of me which I took and did it constantly over this 1.5 year period and here I am, feels so good and worth. So thank you Ian Ugarte for letting me part of your vision, for having me as your student, part of your community and changing me and my family life for ever!! Love you guys!!
HiRes Student
Sanjeev Sah & Illa Gupta

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