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Thursday, August 12th, 2021 

7:00pm AEST 

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Check out these success stories from some of your fellow HI-RES students.

Rentrepreneurs Soumen and Chaitali invested $15K and created $66K gross income with a co-living conversion

NSW Rentrepreneurs Soumen and Chaitali invested $15K and created a gross income of $66K using co-living conversions. With a minimal investment, you can take a single-family house, add some safety features, and uplift your rental return. Read here how Soumen and Chaitali have done just that … and with a property, they don’t even own.When our students, Soumen, an IT contractor, and Chaitali, expecting their first child, met me at a property conference in 2018, they

How a micro-apartment conversion took Daniel’s QLD property from negatively-geared into the black

How a micro-apartment conversion took Daniel’s QLD property from negatively-geared into the black. Daniel attended one of my live events, and after listening to me speak about what we do in my High Income Real Estate Program (HI-RES), he decided it was the strategy with the greatest potential to turn his property around.With our education being a significant deviation from the general run-of-the-mill programs usually offered up in the property education arena, understandably, most people don’t grasp the

How Brian and Lisa’s QLD Rooming Conversion Made a Gross Yield of Over 10%!

Depending upon where you’re investing, it might be called rooming, boarding house, HMO, or micro-apartment conversions. But the strategy is the same. Take a single-family house, convert it into a co-living property, and uplift your rental return in the process. Here’s how our VIC students, Brian and Lisa, did just that … and created much needed affordable accommodation in the process.   How Brian and Lisa From Victoria Converted a Queensland Property and made over 10%

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