Free Report Reveals:
The Upside Down Property Market...
How It Can Work In Your Favour
Both avoiding investing and investing can be risky. I think Warren Buffett said it best, when he stated:
“Risk comes from not knowing what you’re doing”
What's important is getting all the data you need to minimise your risk and maximise your upside as an investor in 2019 and beyond.
There are plenty of changes on the horizon, including the potential threat of labour putting a stop to negative gearing, interest rate rises, mortgage affordability, tougher lending criteria, the abolishment of ‘interest only’ loans and much more.
Truth is, even though many people are in a state of panic about the property market right now - there’s never been a better opportunity to take yourself and your tenants from a state of insecurity and fear towards confidence and certainty.
Make the decision to investigate the difference between the old paradigm (negative gearing) and the new paradigm of investing (where you can get 12% returns instead of 5-7% returns).
The truth is, despite all the chaos in the marketplace right now… it’s actually a blessing in disguise once you see what’s really going on.
There are opportunities to...
  •   Generate 12% returns instead of 5-7% returns.
  •   Double your rental income, lifting the rental yield on your property from a typical 3% - 5% up to 10%, 12% or more. See images below.
  •   Boost your capital gain - high yield lifts the value of your property to an investor. (One ‘new model’ property received an unsolicited purchase offer for $930,000, right after a very similar house next door sold for just $780,000).
  •   Protect yourself against the consequences negative gearing being wiped out after the next election.
  •   And replace your income in as little as 1-3 years...
Please don’t underestimate the importance of this report.
Remember, this is a fact-based, fact-checked report gives you the information you need to make smart investment decisions in 2019.
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