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This is an information packed webinar that covers how you can create positive cash flow from property while increasing housing affordability and diversification.

It will show how you can help provide desperately-needed homes that people can actually afford to live in, and build your wealth at the same time.

This is what the High Income Real Estate System is all about: making money by doing good, by helping people who really need the homes that you can provide.

This webinar includes;

Earn A Passive Income

Small is the New Big

Multi-generational Living

Affordable Housing

How to Make It Work for You

Ian will show that the traditional approach to property investing is not addressing the huge housing affordability crisis that we see in Australia today.

It’s also a much riskier, more stressful way to build wealth than the opportunity available in affordable housing.

Why pour money into a negatively-geared property and compete for tenants with every other property investor out there, when there’s a much better, easier way?

Ian will reveal strategies for investing in affordable housing that produce high rental returns of 10% or more – far greater than you’ll receive from traditional property investments.

He’ll show you the types of properties that are in demand, and how your investment in affordable housing will benefit not just yourself, but also an entire community who are lining up to live in the types of homes that you’ll provide.

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Premium Profits From Affordable Housing LIVE Webinar

Name: Ian Ugarte

Creator of the High Income Real Estate System and advocate for Affordable Housing.

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Wednesday 14th August @ 7:00 PM AEST

7:00PM (Brisbane Time)
6:30PM (Adelaide Time)
7:00PM (Syd/Melb Time)
5:00PM (Perth Time)

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